About SPC

The establishment of Sankar Polytechnic College began on July 28, 1958, by Sri. S.S.N. Sankarlinga Iyer, a well-known philanthropist, industrialist, and former Chennai sheriff who was also one of the founders of India Cements Limited. The college's history is rooted in post-independence India, which struggled to meet the demands of industrialization and technical education institutions nationwide.

The man known by many as T.S. Narayanaswami personified a business culture and way of life that valued the nation and its citizens. For T.S.N, "National Interest" means developing the nation's scientific and economic capabilities. "Focus" was one theme that pervaded his existence. He was a man who lived by a notion or idea. He served as many people's mentor and source of inspiration. He was one of the visionary and driven entrepreneurs of independent India who saw opportunities and had a positive impact on industrialization.