About the Department

Since its establishment in 1984, Sankar Polytechnic College's Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has strived for excellence in the areas of career counselling, placement, and instruction. The curriculum is updated whenever necessary to be up to speed with emerging technologies, industry standards, and pressing business requirements. Ten people work for the department in total, comprising both teaching and non-teaching positions. Modern theory and knowledge are brought into the classroom by our highly skilled faculty members, who are actively involved in groundbreaking and influential research. Every now and then, the lab facilities and infrastructure are updated to give researchers and students enough chances to learn and grow

Our Mission

Our goal is to achieve gratifying and substantial experience, which inevitably broadens young professionals' knowledge base and develops their aptitude and abilities. In order to prepare and enhance young men and women for the worldwide challenges of technology development and application in the service of mankind, we must promote high-quality engineering education

Our Vision

To develop technically skilled workers who are innovative and employable by pursuing high standards in the field of electronics and communication engineering research.