Physical Education

It is clear from physical education that a student's overall development depends greatly on both their extracurricular and academic involvement. SPC offers enough space on campus for field activities as well as games that the students can practice. Our college features two ball badminton courts, one volleyball court, one handball court, one Tennikoit court, one cricket field for net practice, and two well-kept cricket grounds for matches. It is a standard, well-established sporting facility. We have a gym with several single- and multi-stationed pieces of equipment as well as various weight training accessories so that staff members and students can work out on their own and maintain physical fitness. Every discipline has strong teams at our polytechnic. Students in our physical education department often participate in a variety of conditioning activities personalized to their skill level and preferences in order to improve their physical fitness. Additionally, we support and acknowledge students who achieve individual distinctions in their capacity as district and state representatives. Our Polytechnic's students have established a remarkable and steady record in nearly every game and sport. They participate in and receive numerous honors from local and inter-polytechnic competitions. Our students have demonstrated excellent behavior management and a cooperative attitude during the competitions. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to India Cement Ltd. for their generous support and encouragement in helping us to successfully perform a variety of physical education activities.