About the Department

The Department of Computer Engineering is pioneer in the modern environment, have been established in 1988 with a wide vision to bring out stellar graduates for the Computer industry.

We started with an intake of 15 students in the department of Computer Engineering; With the globalization of the Indian economy, vast opportunities of growth have been thrown open for the Computer software and hardware industry, later on due to the flourish demand of Computer Engineering students, the intake was raised upto 72 from the year 2006

The Department focused to provide a clear knowledge of fundamentals and applied aspects of Computer Engineering to make the students acceptable both for industry and further higher education

Overall the Department of Computer Engineering has made a significant impact on the Computer industry, we also graduates a most enlightened students.

Our Mission

To cultivate a dynamic and innovative learning environment that fosters self-directed learning, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and professional development

To nurture a culture of ethical responsibility and social awareness within our program, inspiring students to utilize their technical expertise for the betterment of society and address global challenges with sustainable solutions

To strengthen Industry-Institution interaction to ensure that our graduates are equipped with the latest industry knowledge and practices and highly employable in the dynamic field of computer engineering.

To facilitate continuous learning for our faculty and staff through professional development programs and access to cutting-edge resources, enabling them to deliver exceptional instruction and adapt to evolving pedagogical approaches ultimately benefiting the learning and development of our students

To empower students with a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, providing them with the necessary resources and guidance to transform their ideas into viable solutions, fostering the next generation of technological leaders and change makers.

Our Vision

To become the center of excellence in computer education and research to create the platform for industrial consultancy