Women Development Cell


Uplifts and empowers women students and staff

Fosters a supportive and inclusive environment.

Provides a platform for women to connect and address their concerns.


Inclusive membershipAll women staff and students are members.
Active communication Utilizes a WhatsApp group for easy communication.
Program offerings Organizes events and programs beneficial to women.
Student engagement Encourages student participation for motivation and empowerment.
Counselling services Provides accessible and confidential counselling support.

Overall Benefits


Students gain confidence and encouragement through program participation.

Women have access to resources and support for their well-being.


Programs likely address gender sensitization, women's rights, and relevant social issues.

Safety and Support:

The cell serves as a safe space for women to voice concerns and seek guidance.

Counselling services provide additional support for both personal and professional challenges.

This Women’s Development Cell seems to be a valuable resource for the women in our institution. Its inclusive nature and focus on various aspects of well-being can significantly contribute to a positive and empowering environment.

Report Inaugural Function

The Women Development Cell inaugural function was held on July 12, 2023. The program started with a Tamil-Thai Vazhthu sung by students. Rohini III, Comp, delivered the welcome address. Dr. A. Sankara Subramanian, Principal SPC, inaugurated the Women Development Cell. Nandhini III Comp and Iswarya II ECE are installed as student president and student vice president, respectively. The Penne Nee Mahathanaval Song was sung by all the students. Mr. R. V. Srinivasan, AO, SPC, delivered the felicitation address. Dr. B. Vijayalakshmi, librarian, introduced the guests.

Mr. M. Pushparaj, DSP, Thalaiyuthu Sub Division, delivered the guest lecture. Sir insisted on women's empowerment through employment. Sir throws light on hidden issues faced by women in society and explains precautions for using social media. He also focused on POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses) and Kundar Laws. Then Ms. R. Seethalakshmi, Inspector of Police, All Women Police Station, Thalaiyuthu, raised awareness about social threats and mobile threats and told about rescue number 1930. Student queries were clarified. They insisted on self-esteem in society. Students get confident through this program. Santhya III Comp proposed a vote of thanks. With the National Anthem, the program came to an end.

Women’s Health is Family’s Health

Women’s Health is Family’s Health is organized by the Women Development Cell and Library Club and held at the Seminar Hall, Computer Department, Sankar Polytechnic College, Tirunelveli, on July 19, 2023. The program started with a Tamil-Thai greeting song by the students. Dr. B. Vijayalakshmi, librarian, delivered the welcome address. All the students sang the women's uplifting song, “Penne Nee Magathanaval." S. Durga, III, CSc, introduced the chief guest. Dr. Premasudha V, a consultant obstetrician and gynecologist, delivered the keynote address. She emphasized that a proper, balanced diet and enough physical activity are important for health. Yoga, meditation, cycling, or walking are to be followed daily. Mam suggested avoiding junk food and outside food. She touches on mental health as well.

She highlighted the menstrual cycle, ph, HB levels, and stomach and belly. She asked students to have some hobbies that would reduce stress. The questions of the students and staff were clarified by her. Students gave commendable feedback. M. Usha Priya III, CSC, delivered the vote of thanks. The program concluded with the National Anthem. Master of Ceremony is done by S. Aishwarya, II ECE, Students Joint Secretary. With the National Anthem, the program came to an end.

Report of the Women’s Mental Health

The Women Development Cell and Library Club are hosting a Women's Mental Health event on August 24, 2023, in the Seminar Hall of the Computer Department at Sankar Polytechnic College in Tirunelveli. The students sang a greeting song in Tamil and Thai to kick off the program. The welcome speech was given by A. Ameera Ummu Salma, III, ECE. The welcome dance was done by Sathya, I, Com. The presidential address was given by Principal Sir Dr. A. Sankara Subramanian. The women's upbeat song, "Penne Nee Magathanaval," was sung by every student. Librarian Dr. B. Vijayalakshmi presented the main visitor.

Students asked questions before Dr. Janani A. Prasanna, psychiatrist at Krishna Maternity & Pediatrician Hospital, began her presentation. There was a lot of interaction during the session. She gave an explanation of mental health starting in childhood, citing several sets at various ages. She illuminates the use of mobile devices. She emphasized the hormones that encourage prolonged screen usage. Mam talked about the menstrual cycle, body clocks, stress management, and other topics. The vote of gratitude was given by M. Abirami III, ECE. The National Anthem brought the performance to a close.

Report of the Women’s Health in Women’s Hands

The event Women's Health in Women's Hands, hosted by the Women Development Cell and Library Club, will take place on January 31, 2024, in the Seminar Hall of the EEE Department of Sankar Polytechnic College in Tirunelveli. With a song of welcoming in Tamil and Thai, the students opened the event. The greeting was given by A Ameera Ummu Salma, III, ECE. Presenting the presidential address was Principal Sir Dr. A Sankara Subramanian.

The upbeat tune "Penne Nee Magathanaval" by women was sung by every student. Introduced the main guest was librarian Dr. B Vijayalakshmi. Lt. S. Chithra, Assistant Professor, Head of the English Department, and Associate NCC Officer, Sri Sarada College for Women (Autonomous), Tirunelveli, discussed the value of food habits, meditation, yoga, and easy workouts for managing general health. Voting of thanks was conducted by M. Abirami III, ECE. The show's finale featured the National Anthem